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Concierge EventBot is a chatbot that has been specifically developed for events. So what’s a chatbot? It’s an automated program that includes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to interact with people over messaging apps.

Easy Access and Simple to Use

We now live in a messaging world! Texting has become ubiquitous and messaging apps are now the most widely and frequently used apps on a smartphone.

Percent of Americans texting at least once a day. (Pew Internet)
Pew Internet

To get started attendees simply text message Concierge EventBot, your event chatbot:

  • No app to download
  • Nothing new to learn
  • Anytime, anywhere access on Facebook Messenger, SMS and other messaging channels

Engaging Experience

Concierge EventBot provides attendees with event information and resources quickly and conversationally conveying the brand and voice of your event:

  • Event agenda and schedules
  • Logistical details including directions, parking, wifi access, floor plans and FAQs
  • Event information including sessions, materials, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Feedback surveys, quick polls and crowd sourced questions

Real-Time Communication

Concierge EventBot delivers important and timely updates and reminders to attendees keeping them in the know during your event. Attendees control the notifications they receive based on the preferences they set.

Attendees can request human assistance via your Concierge EventBot allowing event staff to quickly and unobtrusively address the need or resolve the issue.

Benefits for the Event Professional

Your Brand, Your Voice

Your Concierge EventBot is an extension of your brand and voice. These are reflected in the little details like the name you give your event chatbot and the big details like the design of the conversation your event chatbot uses to interact with your attendees.

Concierge EventBot uses a hybrid conversation design with structured menus supplemented by natural language understanding (artificial intelligence) to support free-form texting. The menus help guide attendees as they are getting started and once they are comfortable free-form texting, artificial intelligence ensures your event chatbot can handle a broader range of texting interactions including support for emojis and small talk!

Personalized Conversations

Event participants (i.e., attendees, sponsors, speakers) all have different information needs depending upon their role at your event. Concierge Eventbot can personalize the conversation for a participant based on their role. All you need to do is define the roles and assign the participants!

Want even more personalization? Conversations can be personalized at an individual participant level using information (i.e., registration, submissions, exhibitors) integrated into Concierge EventBot from your other event systems.

Remind and Alert

Scheduled Push Notifications can be set-up in advance to go out on specific dates/times. You can use these for greeting messages, feedback requests and planned reminders.

Ad-hoc Push Notifications can be sent by designated event staff at any time to alert attendees that a session is filling up, to promote a session, for lost and found items and last minute reminders.

While attendees appreciate notifications, the tolerance varies by attendee. Concierge EventBot allows attendees to select the types of notifications they would like to receive.

Keep ‘em Engaged

Deliver engaging quick polls, survey for feedback or crowd source questions all via Concierge EventBot. No additional tools needed!

Author polls in advance, then schedule or initiate them manually. Concierge EventBot presents the poll question, collects the data and displays the results back to the attendees.

Want an easy way to get your attendees' input or feedback? Concierge EventBot asks the questions, gathers the input and reports the results to event staff.

Attendees can use Concierge EventBot to submit a question for a speaker or panel. Submitted questions are viewable by a designated moderator who can prioritize and manage them.

Changes? No Problem!

Regardless of how much and how well you plan for an event, there are always a few unexpected changes or adjustments that arise.

Concierge EventBot is quick and easy to update. Changes typically can be turned around in 10-15 minutes or less and are available instantaneously to your attendees with no effort on their part.

Private Support Channel

Your attendees can use Concierge EventBot to report an issue, make a request or ask for assistance from a human. The request is then routed to designated event staff for response.

The support channel is private between the attendee and event staff which means minimal disruption to your event.

Budget and Eco Friendly

Would you like to scale your event team, but face budget and staffing constraints? Good news! Concierge EventBot can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Chatbots are well suited for answering your attendees’ frequently asked questions. And they never tire of them, so each and every one of your attendees get the same high quality service.

Have sustainability goals? Reduce and/or eliminate the need for many of types of printed materials - programs, surveys, presentation materials, floor plans, etc., by making them available to attendees through Concierge EventBot which supports the following content formats: text, images, links, emojis and stickers.

Analytics and Integrations

All Concierge EventBot interactions and notifications are logged making them available for analysis and reporting. Standard reports include metrics on: usage by messaging channel, unique users, messages grouped by topics, notifications, external link clicks, human assisted requests and conversation updates.

Concierge EventBot can be integrated with your event and support system platforms eliminating the need for redundant data entry and shadow systems.

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